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Friday, September 24, 2010

Im on a roll today another Kim Kardashian inspired outfit

I cant help it she has great style lol well here is what I found to help recreate her look
I found all of this on and what I did not find was the leopard clutch but other wise its pretty close.
Blazer form charlotte russe for $ 34.50
cute little dress form forever 21 $24.80
nude pumps from charlotte russe $ 30.00

MY first fashion post!!! RECREATING KIM KARDASHIAN'S look

I was on her blog and I loved this outfit its casual and dressy at the same time love it I love kim and I know some of you guys do too. I found these items at and charlotte they are not exactly the same but similar. They cost way less
 This forever21 top is very similar for $29.80

this skirt if the same color $19.80
 this belt is not exact $18.80
Booties from Charlotte Russe $32.50

Finally got around to this!!

So as many of you may know I had some problems with my previous google account there for I just decided to get rid of it. Finally I had the time to start my new blog which I hope I can keep up with since keeping up with Facebook, twitter, youtube and now this is a lot to be everywhere at once lol. Since im over doing fashion videos on youtube... well maybe not completely over it you may see one or two I would love to use this blog as a fashion blog and everything else in life. You know just to keep you updated!!