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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

weekend pictures overload!

So this weekend my hubby and I celebrated his brothers wife's birthday we all got together and hoped on a party bus hit up the club and drove around santa monica lol. Im not really much a clubbing girl because I feel that I look like a nerd trying to dance lol but despite that we still had a lot of fun.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Since I have been MIA lately!

Recently I have not been posting to many videos or twittering things like that some of you may know that my Hubby bought me a MacBook Pro which I am so excited about I have been a PC user all my life and I will never go back lol I love this computer !! Well anyways im still getting use to editing with iMovie and things like that so its been slowing me down even more lol so here are some pics of what I have been up to this past month besides school
aww she looks so cute!
the hubby and I with Gaby
the hubby and I at the end of the night before we left
My Grandfather and my parents and my sister Gaby
Helping my mom plan this really took up all of our time since it was all on such short notice. My Dad just decided to do it and in one week we had to plan everything we didn't get much sleep that week but it was all worth it everything turned out well.  We had fun Gaby had so much fun she loves to dance and by the end of the night I was ready to go to sleep I wanted it so bad since I had to get up really early to do my mom's and Gaby's hair and my mom's makeup and then get ready myself so thats why lol