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Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY wall stencil

So if you follow me on twitter you already know that we have been painting and fixing up parts of the house one of them being our room I wanted something different and fun. Here are some of the pics I got inspiration from. I LOVE WHITE ROOMS but lets be real here its not me by myself anymore and to keep  an all white room spotless is like mission impossible for us especially with my baby sister who loves to spill things. She already wrote on one of our white walls and we had to repaint that section. lol                                                              

 Remember the walls were a golden yellow color well I decided that I wanted something neutral and would look stylish and different so we painted the room and off white. We painted the room off white to give the illusion of a bigger room we also chose grey as our accent color on our wall. The room looked nice but then I decided I wanted to stencil something one first I thought of words but then I figured a design would look more unique. Instead of ordering a stencil I made my own out of paper yup paper! lol I also used a bottle or acrylic paint and one of my nail art brushes to achieve this it took me about a day and a half but it is worth it.
our plain grey wall

first I stenciled the whole wall making sure everything looked right nice and straight

it helps if you mark your corners as well

and there it is almost finished I would have loved to show the whole room but im not done and we are still changing trims and moving things around but i plan on showing the finished look once we are done too.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Version of Elephant Bars Kona Cooler!!

I love going to Elephant Bar and the drink I order all the time is there Kona Kooler. When we go out with friends they always order alcoholic drinks and I always order this I don't drink alcohol never been a fan of alcohol very much but anyways I tried googling it to see if someone out there knew how to make it but I was unsuccessful. I knew it has red bull and coconut I just couldn't figure out the other ingredients so after several trys of trying to recreate this drink based on taste I think I finally got it down.
What you will need to make this drink:
Red bull
coconut cream its like syrup but coconut flavor =)
Grenadine which is also used to make shirley temples yum!
Maraschino cherries if you like just to make it look pretty lol
a big glass cup
toothpick (to put the cherries on)
Its pretty self explanatory fill the cup will ice
pour the red bull then the grenadine (you don't need much I just kinda eyeball it lol) and then the coconut (according to your taste I love the coconut) and top it of with the cherries

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun at the Zoo!

last weekend we had nothing to do and decided to take my sister for her first time to the zoo she loved it and so did we I think the last time we were at the zoo was when we were kids too so it was fun it was so hot outside aswell


Monday, May 2, 2011

Moroccan Oil restorative hair mask

I decided to try this hair mask after I got to try some of their products like the shine spray for a while. I loved it so much I decide to buy more moroccan oil products. I had very damaged hair it was very long but very damaged from dyeing and hair styling. My hair was breaking off and refused to grab any of the dye when I did want to dye it. So I cut the damaged ends and started using this

the hair mask is supper thick like a body butter I use this at least 4 times a month. What I do is I apply it to my damp hair in the shower leave it on for 10-15 mins I know it says 7-10 min but this works for me I wash it out and it leaves hair soft and textured not overly soft and continue my routine. I really notice the difference when my hair dry s I let mine air dry and afterwards its so shinny looks healthy and it smells great! to purchase Moroccan oil products you can visit their website and find a salon who carries it near you.

weightless on my hair
great smell
gives shine
smooths hair once the hair is dry
gives manageability
no heat required

price its 30-40 dollars
when hair is wet it does not feel incredibly soft as to when its dry