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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Version of Elephant Bars Kona Cooler!!

I love going to Elephant Bar and the drink I order all the time is there Kona Kooler. When we go out with friends they always order alcoholic drinks and I always order this I don't drink alcohol never been a fan of alcohol very much but anyways I tried googling it to see if someone out there knew how to make it but I was unsuccessful. I knew it has red bull and coconut I just couldn't figure out the other ingredients so after several trys of trying to recreate this drink based on taste I think I finally got it down.
What you will need to make this drink:
Red bull
coconut cream its like syrup but coconut flavor =)
Grenadine which is also used to make shirley temples yum!
Maraschino cherries if you like just to make it look pretty lol
a big glass cup
toothpick (to put the cherries on)
Its pretty self explanatory fill the cup will ice
pour the red bull then the grenadine (you don't need much I just kinda eyeball it lol) and then the coconut (according to your taste I love the coconut) and top it of with the cherries


Anonymous said...

ahhh... i love it!!

Anonymous said...

Drink looks GREAT. I will try this out at the bar tonight. My cooler will be stocked!