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Monday, May 2, 2011

Moroccan Oil restorative hair mask

I decided to try this hair mask after I got to try some of their products like the shine spray for a while. I loved it so much I decide to buy more moroccan oil products. I had very damaged hair it was very long but very damaged from dyeing and hair styling. My hair was breaking off and refused to grab any of the dye when I did want to dye it. So I cut the damaged ends and started using this

the hair mask is supper thick like a body butter I use this at least 4 times a month. What I do is I apply it to my damp hair in the shower leave it on for 10-15 mins I know it says 7-10 min but this works for me I wash it out and it leaves hair soft and textured not overly soft and continue my routine. I really notice the difference when my hair dry s I let mine air dry and afterwards its so shinny looks healthy and it smells great! to purchase Moroccan oil products you can visit their website and find a salon who carries it near you.

weightless on my hair
great smell
gives shine
smooths hair once the hair is dry
gives manageability
no heat required

price its 30-40 dollars
when hair is wet it does not feel incredibly soft as to when its dry

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