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Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY wall stencil

So if you follow me on twitter you already know that we have been painting and fixing up parts of the house one of them being our room I wanted something different and fun. Here are some of the pics I got inspiration from. I LOVE WHITE ROOMS but lets be real here its not me by myself anymore and to keep  an all white room spotless is like mission impossible for us especially with my baby sister who loves to spill things. She already wrote on one of our white walls and we had to repaint that section. lol                                                              

 Remember the walls were a golden yellow color well I decided that I wanted something neutral and would look stylish and different so we painted the room and off white. We painted the room off white to give the illusion of a bigger room we also chose grey as our accent color on our wall. The room looked nice but then I decided I wanted to stencil something one first I thought of words but then I figured a design would look more unique. Instead of ordering a stencil I made my own out of paper yup paper! lol I also used a bottle or acrylic paint and one of my nail art brushes to achieve this it took me about a day and a half but it is worth it.
our plain grey wall

first I stenciled the whole wall making sure everything looked right nice and straight

it helps if you mark your corners as well

and there it is almost finished I would have loved to show the whole room but im not done and we are still changing trims and moving things around but i plan on showing the finished look once we are done too.

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BABYGIRL said...

girl ba quedar bien bonito tu room omgs cute!