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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas nail ideas!

Ever since December started I have been all into the Christmas sprit and showing it on my nails lol I did not go all out and draw santa s all over them thats cute but I felt subtle was more me lol.

white but china glaze and rainbow connection over it followed by seche vite top coat

Tinsel town from china glaze and seche vite topcoat

winter berry one of my favorite reds ever form china glaze and twinkle lights also from china glaze on the corner and toped of with seche vite top coat

2 coats of poinsettia from china glaze
and I used a plate from my monster bundle konad plates for the snowflakes
and serving up sparkle over it to add glitter
then seche vite topcoat

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Excuse Moi!

OPI Excuse Moi!! is part of the Muppets collection of nail polishes by OPI  this color is a Pink Chunky glitter with little bits of green, blue, purple The application was easy I used 2 coats ( a lil on the heavy side) to get it to show like this on my nails it is a really beautiful color and very flashy. This is a very hungry glitter so I had to use 3 coats of top coat to make it feel smooth and to add shine now to remove this from my nails I did have some trouble of course this is a glitter and everyone knows glitters are a pain to remove.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

RED Jeans!!

Red jeans whoa! I love how many outfits you can pull of with these you can throw a little leopard print shoes or belt or just a white tee these jeans are a perfect way to add color to your wardrobe this fall.

 You can just throw on a black tee or white one and wear alone if not chilly or throw on a jacket I think it it looks more edgy with the jacket.

Im wearing 
forever21 top ...old
bomber jacket from ross..old
red skinny jeans from target I got them in blue too :)
Steve Madden shoes
china glaze nail polish ring on the red


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian inspired outfit

This is a Kourtney Kardashian inspired outfit I wore. I ordered these boots from forever and they finally came in so I recreated this outfit from Kourtney which in my opinion is very casual and still chic she has been wearing her Chanel ridding boots alot so when I saw these online at I did not hesitate to order them unfortunately they are no longer available online but you can check you local forever21 to see if they carry them

what I wore:
all forever 21 from head to toe!!

Some of her other looks while wearing her Chanel boots just some more looks that would be fun to recreate

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or Treat!

This year was the 1st year my sister has actually been trick or treating the past years either she has been sick or too young to actually say it but this year she got it !!! she was so happy with her costume she even wore it again the day after around the house shes so cute. I didnt dress up this year it was mostly about my sister lol here are some halloween pics 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Simply Beige

Its been a while since my last post but I haven't been able too because of my internet :(
anyways   was doing some shopping and i found these really cute shoes which remind me of a similar design from Christian Louboutin I got these from Charlotte russe I also bout them in black.
what in wearing 

forever 21 shirt, and jeans
charlotte russe blazer and shoes

 have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Discovered gel nail polish and I love it

what I have on are the colors simply sheer (which looks like it has a pink tint but really doesn't)
and sheek white

So I Went to Sallys Beauty supply about maybe two weeks ago and I saw this brand "gelish" I originally went to buy and orange nail polish which I didnt end but buying since I got sucked in into buying this kit they had which came with everything you need (supposedly) for $30. I also bought  three colors which may I say this stuff is not cheap. A bottle of gel nail polish is $15 it was on sale for $9 which is less but still a lot for the tiny little bottle. I got home and immediately had to try it so I did. It has been 18 days and my nails still look pretty good. This is suppose to last about three weeks no chipping or dullness but by the 3rd week you can see nail growth.

The pros are!!!!
they have a pretty good variety of gel nail polish they have like 78 colors I think
It lasts quite a long time ( I still haven't seen and chipping)
its a money saver vs getting a manicure every week
great for people who are trying to grow out their nails or have very thin brittle nails ( it adds a little bit of thickness to the nails not as much as acrylics)
not as harmful as acrylics

The Cons..   tan tAn tannnn....
they are a little bit expensive (I will tell you what items you can skip in my opinion just keep reading)
can be time consuming since each coat requires it to cure under a UV lamp
watch out with the nail filling of the natural nail plate it can be damage if you file it to much
(I recommend using a nail buffer just to remove the shine and if you remove them and decide to put them back on only file the nail growth)
can be a hassle to remove them but if your into nails ahh its worth it!

In conclusion
I love the idea of gel nail polish. they look nice and clean always shiney.
  The items you really need are the Foundation coat , gel nail polish, the Top it Off sealer and a UV lamp which many ebayers sell for a reasonable price. The nail cleanse and the liquid to remove it is basically nail polish remover it has acetone! To remove them all you do is file off the first coat and soak in nail polish remover until its all gone.

Oh I almost forgot to mention dont buy it from sallys unless you like to buy over priced things.
At sally s they have the minis for the same price as a regular full size gel nail polish which is $16 you can try searching, eBay, or which is where I got mine it was like 30 cents less lol.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

celebrating my birthday all month lol!

   So August 8 was my birthday I love my birthday because its all 8's unfortunately im 23 now which I know is not really old but boy do I feel like time is going by so fast. I still remember when I turned 17 and I cried because I didnt want to get old  wow ! I had planed to go to vegas for my birthday but you know sometimes things dont turn out the way you want them..(thats life lol) so the hubby has offered to make it up to me lets see what he surprises me with now lol

this is actually and outfit I tried to recreate from Kim Kardashian
tank top forever21, skirt forever 21, belt forever 21, shoes shieks, bag Michael kors

Friday, July 15, 2011

outfit for a night out

this was probably on the hottest day of the summer 

lol my cousin shes like the sister I didnt have growing up

two of my favorite girls my niece Vane and my cousin Christina

I wore this for a wedding which we only attended the reception. It was a pretty good night until we had a little drama come our way they say girls love drama but trust me I don't im pretty calm and shy which it might not seem like it since I have a blog and youtube but its not the same as being in front of people 0_o   anyways unfortunately other people do like drama and what can I say you gota stick with u fam bam.

what I wore
forever21 dress which I altered 
Aldo leopard heels
michael kors clutch