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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wish we could find Betty

Today was a bad day for us we got news Betty is sick she visited the vet a week ago and had blood work done. She has a blood disease and requires expensive treatment which we are all willing to provide for her. I guess im just venting right now but it truly makes me sad because im sure someone has her and is denying her  she's a big dog you cant miss her and she's not a running dog she couldn't have gotten far she is such a good obedient dog who wouldn't want her. Im sad because someone could decide to keep her not knowing she is sick and could unexpectedly die in their back yard and its sad the more time goes by the more her disease advances and we need to find her now to be able to treat her on time before its to late for her. I might sound like a weirdo all sad for a dog other don't understand why I love animals so much except for my dad maybe thats where I get it from but im a big animal person I love animals and at one point before deciding into going into the medical field I wanted to become a veterinarian for as long a I could remember. I grew up on a ranch with a lot of animals dogs, cats, goats, peacocks, horses everything pretty much and as a kid I would always tame the kittens and dogs I loved it and thats probably why I have a soft spot for them but  I hope we find Betty on time and get her well again so she can live a long happy normal life with us.

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