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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

coconut oil deep conditioner mask

purchase this at whole foods, trader joe s, any organic grocery stores  or Walmart
price: 11-14 dollars

I purchased this when I saw a girl on youtube use it on her hair and her hair was gorgeous I want hair like hers I said to myself. I did some research for this since I had never even heard of coconut oil and I discovered its many uses for it people use it for cooking instead of using margarine or butter this is a much healthier option, also melt it and mix it with you lotion for people who have overly dry skin, it helps improve appearance of skin they say, if you have dandruff this will help with a dry scalp, it helps get ride of fungus thats why its good to eat,  some people have even claimed weight loss and it keeps your hair healthy.
I used this first on my damp hair you can heat it up a little first because it comes as a solid but melts with 75 degrees so it melts in your hands it needs no refrigeration after opening too. Anyway I chose to leave it in all night and rinse out in the next morning. You can leave it in for 20-30 min however I just wanted to make sure it penetrated into my hair well. Since this is an oil avoid to close to the scalp because after u rinse your hair will look oily (it happened to me lol ) I had to rinse more than once but if you are trying to get rid of dandruff get this all in your scalp and just make sure to rinse well with shampoo. You can also apply it and add heat with a blow dryer if you like that works too.
Also the smell is great I love the smell of coconuts but if you dont like coconuts you might not like this.
hair was shinny and manageable after wards and I do this when ever I have time twice a week and the moroccan oil mask once a week.

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